Prepping for a Solar Flare – 14 Things You Need

A solar flare is something that has a real possibility of happening. It has the potential to wipe out power grids around the world within seconds rendering us helpless. Prepping for a solar flare is essential, as in this age, we are totally reliant on technology, so it is crucial to know how to survive if we face a world changing solar flare.

A solar flare is a sudden flash of increased suns brightness, usually observed near is surface.

It ejects electromagnetic waves, along with other things such as electrons and ions. It is these electromagnetic waves that do the damage. If a solar flare where to hit the earth, it would destroy power grids, most cars, phones, internet, anything that contains a chip, would be fried.

Frankly, it would be the single, largest natural disaster to ever occur. Some scientists say it would wipe out up to 95% of the worlds population over time.

So, how do we prepare for a solar flare?

prepping for a solar flare
Prepping for a Solar Flare

Well, apart from the obvious, food and water, there are a number of things you can do to prepare yourself for a solar flare.

Prepping for a Solar Flare

Have plenty of candles stocked up. Remember, there will be no electric, mostly everything in your house will be fried. Have something to light those candles with, I recommend buying a box of refillable lighters, and some lighter gas. You can buy 4 hour burn tea light candles from Ikea or here, personally, these are the ones I stock up on.


When prepping for a solar flare, it is important to remember about transport. A bicycle will be handy. Like most people, you probably drive a car made in the last 60 years. This will be useless, it will be fried, so having a mode transport will be very helpful.

A good bicycle, with cross country tyres would be best suited, you don’t want a mountain bike with big wide off road tyres, which will be really hard to cycle on the roads.

Have some spare parts for the bike, tubes, tyres, spare chain, spokes, maybe even gear and brake cables. A tyre pump, chain oil and tools to work on the bike would be useful too, like allen keys, screwdrivers

If there is a solar flare, and it wipes out half the worlds power grid, don’t be expecting it to be fixed anytime soon, it may take years, even decades to fully restore, so make sure you have parts to keep your bicycle in working order, as things tend to break after time.

Wood Burner

A way to cook, long term. I know this is kind of obvious, but some people don’t actually have a way to cook, other than a gas stove for short term grid downs. A good wood burning stove would be very useful, it can be used to boil water on, cook on, heat water (I will explain this in another post) and heat your home.

Garden Tools

If you manage to survive off your preps, and make it long enough to needing to grow your own food, then having some basic gardening tools around may make life a lot easier. You will need these for planting crops, vegetables, and other work.

Things such as a spade, rake, shovel, hoe, and wood saw should get you started.


prepping for a solar flare

A good axe will make things a lot easier when it comes to chopping wood for your wood burning stove. Ideally, having a large axe for cutting down trees, and a smaller one for splitting the wood to burn. A 2 man saw may also be useful for cutting down trees.

A Garden

Ok, so this isn’t something you can go out and buy tomorrow if you don’t have one, or have space for one, but, if you do, then you just need to start growing your own produce. Things like peas, strawberries and carrots are pretty easy to grow, so you could start there.

If you don’t own a house with a garden, or have access to any land, you could maybe start looking around for places you can grow your crops if an event such as a solar flare occurs. You could even rent out a plot of land, or small allotment.

A garden is a must have when prepping for a solar flare!


This is something that is going to take a little more time, and you can’t really buy it, that is skills. When prepping for a solar flare, the skills you know could be the difference between life and death.

You should learn about basic gardening and growing your own crops, wilderness survival, wild plants and animals and what you can eat off the land.

There are a number of books available which cover edible wild plants and animals. This will be a vital part of your survival.

You will also need to know how to start a fire if your lighters run done, how to filter and make water safe for drinking, how to defend yourself and your property and how to do basic first aid.


Having seeds stored away is never a bad idea, and it doesn’t cost that much either. If there was to be a solar flare, and the grid went down, like I said before, it could be some time before things get back to normal if ever, so seeds would be very hard to come by if you don’t already have some.

Seeds like peas, carrots, sweetcorn, lettuce, tomatoes, or anything else you can grow would be great to have. When buying, make sure they can grow where you live, as the weather may prevent you from growing some things.

You will need to store these seeds properly in order to preserve them, if you don’t store them correctly, they may not germinate. Read, How to Store Seeds Long Term for more info.

Faraday Cage

Space weather experts have said that a large geomagnetic storm may only be a concern for big infrastructures, but can you be sure of this? It is best to build a faraday cage to be absolutely sure that any data and electronics you have can be safe. A faraday cage, in my opinion is a must have when prepping for a solar flare!

Remember, if there is a solar storm, and your electronics are not in a Faraday cage, they will be fried.

You should make a backup of your most important data, photographs, and everything else you cherish onto an SD Card as these are the most reliable forms of storage currently. Place the SD card in your Faraday box and store it away. Having a torch, power bank and watch in it would be a good idea too, along with some spare batteries.


prepping solar flare

In the event of a solar storm, ATM’s will be down and banks will be closed, which means you will not have access to your money. Keep some cash at home in a safe, just enough that will buy you some essentials like water or food if need be.

As time goes on, money will become less important, but, for the immediate aftermath, some spare cash won’t go a miss.


If you are reliant on medication, you may need to stock up on this, though, the future may not be too bright when you run out.

Having things like antibiotics, antiseptic cream, wipes, Imodium, pain killers and any other medication you can think of will be a huge advantage. A small cut can turn into a big problem if an infection arrises and it is not treated.

A Calendar or Diary

This is one that many people miss out on when prepping for a solar flare, or just prepping in general, but, it could be vital. How will you know when to plant your crops? How will you know when to start getting ready for winter? Maybe you can tell the month by looking at the sun, but a calendar will be a big help if you can’t.

A diary would also be useful, you can note down when crops are planted, keep track of days, and even keep track of pregnancies.

Backup Clothes

This is another thing I don’t see too many preppers addressing. Spare clothes. Clothes wear out after a lot of use, so it is wise to have spare jeans, jumpers, socks, underwear and anything else you will wear out. Remember, you may not be able to get the hold of a new rain coat if you get a big hole in yours.

Don’t buy cheap shit, buy clothes that will last, I always like to pay a premium when buying clothes, instead of buying twice, or 3 times. Buy hard wearing clothes, and clothes that you can layer in the winer time.

Hunting and EDC Knife

Having a good knife if essential, a knife can be used for many different tasks such as gutting fish, cutting wood, even self defence. Have a good hunting knife and also an EDC knife that you can carry easily in your pocket.

Fishing Rod

Lastly, a fishing rod. You should keep a fishing rod, spare line, spare hooks, floats, spinners and maybe even a spare reel and rod. This, obviously, can be used to catch fish to feed yourself. A net wouldn’t go a miss either.

Final Word

So, these are the items I think are essential in order to prepare for a solar flare. I know there are others, but, I didn’t want to make a really long list, and I am sure you will have some other items in your prep supply already.

Prepping for a solar flare is going to be the same as prepping for an EMP attack, but, I will cover this in another article at a later date.

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