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The aim of this UK prepping blog is to educate people on the importance of being prepared for any SHTF scenario, and how you can start prepping today to ensure you survive whatever life throws at you.

I provide information on how I am preparing myself for STHF, what I think might happen, and how I can make sure I have the best chance of survival.

16 Things Most Preppers Forget About

In todays article, I am going to speak about things preppers forget about! Lets Imagine… It has happened, that event you have been preparing for all these years! Lucky you have your emergency supplies at hand and are ready to ride it out. But, do you really have all the …

How to Store Seeds Long Term

Today, I am going to talk about how to store seeds long term for your survival garden. Storing seeds should be near the top of your emergency preparedness list, along with knowing how to grow them if SHTF. I spoke about having seeds for a solar flare in my last …